THEA500 Mini: AMIGA games are back in this THEA500 mini version!

retro games Announcing a comeback today! THEA500 Mini, a new version of the 16-bit computer, accompanied by a collection of classic Amiga games. This release continues this desire to give a second life to the legendary consoles.

With outlet designed for early 2022And THEA500 Mini It is a tribute to the 16-bit computers of the 1980s. It was inspired by the Amiga 500 released in 1987, which had a 16/32-bit CPU, 512KB of RAM, and a set of chipsets dedicated to reproducing the best sounds and images..

Play any of the 25 classic Amiga games by choosing from a very intuitive list. You will especially find the famous otherworldly, Simon the Magician, the Chaos Engine and Worms. You can also load your own games and import them via USB using Amiga’s WHDLoad which will show you how to install them. In addition, you can now save your games at any time and resume them later to help you finish those rather difficult old games.

Developed by Retro Games and distributed by Koch Media, THEA500 Mini will not only take advantage of perfect emulation of the original A500, but also take advantage of the A1200’s Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA) graphics chipset.

the THEA500 Mini It comes with the original 2-button mouse, but it will also come with a new 8-button joystick, allowing you to play as you please. In addition to the on-screen keyboard, you can connect an additional PC keyboard for added convenience and functionality.

“In this mini version of THEA500, we have created what we believe game fans would expect from such a product.”, Announces Paul Andrewschez Retro Games Managing Director.

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“Retro Games has developed a truly unique product,” adds Debbie Bestwick MBE, CEO of Team 17, “I am very excited to represent our games.”

THEA500 Mini It will be available at 2022 priced at €129.99 (Watch this AMAZON link).

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