The youth district of Relecq-Kerhuon has undergone a transformation – Le Relecq-Kerhuon

The youth space is a place to gather and meet, where youth Reliqua have the opportunity to express, discuss and build different projects. “The aim of this new development was to give new life to a building that had become too old and no longer suitable. The new configuration allows for better definition of spaces and significant space savings,” explains Jean-Marc Denkoff, Youth Assistant.

environmental issues

The building thermal envelope is efficient, thanks in particular to the thermal optimization of the existing building. The project integrates all concepts of comfort in use, in order to ensure pleasant and bright spaces. So sunbathing and insulation were largely planned for winter comfort; Sun protection system, inertia and natural ventilation for the summer.

Common spaces are naturally lit. In addition, each living area is also equipped with an air quality sensor. Natural ventilation is provided in all living spaces to reuse existing fireplaces and 100% LED lighting.

Finally, the materials selected have a low environmental impact and are durable. Thus we find bio-based materials such as wood for the structure, exterior cladding, balcony and furniture.

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