The Xbox app for PC will finally stop being hell

Soon it will be possible to freely access and change the game installation guide, which promises more flexibility and opens the door to mods.

Steam users who go through the Xbox portal to take advantage of Game Pass know this well: for all its advantages, Microsoft’s app is a real epidemic when it comes to managing its installs. But fortunately, according to an announcement spotted by Engadget, Microsoft is working on an update that should make this sometimes infuriating experience more fluid.

The first change to the program is related to the installation directory. At present, it is completely closed; The best that the user can do is choose the disk or partition. As for the installation directory itself, there is no choice: games expire no matter what is in the WindowsApp folder. But with this update, it should now be possible to specifically choose the installation directory.

WindowsApp File Finally Opened

Also, as it stands, Microsoft has taken great care to lock this WindowsApp folder. The promise of a holy headache when it comes to moving, installing, restoring or modifying a game. But once this update is published, it will finally be possible to perform all these basic actions without having to perform particularly obscure maneuvers. It’s hard to believe it took so long, but better late than never.

Additionally, this access to installation files also opens the door to another feature that we take for granted on Steam, but that still shines through its absence in the Xbox app: Edit. In the rare cases where this is technically possible, modifying a downloaded game through the Xbox app was often a hell of a thing. But now, this feature will be supported by the platform in compatible games. Icing on the Cake: It Will Finally Be PossibleFree and easy access to installation files Via one button with a single right-click, as on the Valve platform.

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In the end, some users will hardly notice this update; But for others it will be a very predictable response to a very frustrating situation. Some of the efforts made to manage the accounts, licenses, and basic functionality of the platform finally deserved its beautiful catalog. What to take full advantage of game arcade !

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