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[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] As the way of working evolves towards mobility, flexibility and connectivity ubiquitous, offices have to adapt accordingly. What will it look like? Responses by Pauline Dufour Metz, Evolve Workplace Director.

Of the three main trends affecting the development of work spaces today (welfare at work, environmental issues, cost improvement / reduction), which companies are the most sensitive at the moment?

It is, in fact, a mixture of all three. The context means that all the implications for real estate that are being implemented today are supported by these different points. Internally, patterns of cooperation have evolved (and this is long before the outbreak) towards more resilience, towards more mobility. They are now multifunctional, cross-team and compatible with it Aspirations of younger generations Organizations that must respond to attracting and retaining talent. This is why we are moving towards creating hybrid workspaces, open to various uses.

Is there a Covid effect in relation to these reversals?

The Covid period we are going through has also accelerated all these changes with an openness on the part of employees and trade unions who clearly see that we are no longer working in the same way as before, a development from now on without going back. Maybe. In addition, the crisis inevitably raises the economic question associated with the workplace. Real estate is the second largest item of corporate spending. With an increase in the percentage of unused space, reducing the number of square meters appears to be a lever for apparent savings. Moreover, as the health crisis risks perpetuating the “empty building” effect that already exists. Finally, societal issues are also fully involved, particularly by complying with new regulatory restrictions while committing actions to reduce final energy consumption in buildings for higher education use (the Triple Decree on Environmental Energy).

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How, in this context, to initiate transformation?

at has evolved WorkplaceOur tasks systematically begin with the real estate audit phase that will allow us to think of a master plan for the company that will require our services. Buildings should be studied and evaluated from an architectural point of view, from the point of view of age, thermal insulation, presence or absence of an air-conditioning system, current schedules regarding leases, etc.on the basis of these various observations that we will be able to determine which path to follow, and possibly Recommending a step to settle in a location that is better from an environmental point of view and where teams can be deployed under optimal conditions.

Your teams are multidisciplinary, bringing together architects, sociologists, anthropologists, engineers and digital experts. Are all of them necessary to imagine the tripartite buildings of tomorrow?

They are essential to spread the vision of the profession has evolved Workplace. As part of the project created jointly with the employees, it is necessary to conduct a trade analysis. So we are strategic experts who will assist all company employees on the project and the acquisition of project ownership. In our approach, we involve sociologists, anthropologists and trainers, as well as architects. Changing the work environment requires these different skills. Support for change must be, as it is necessary, global and multidimensional.

Finally, what is the task assigned to the corporate headquarters?

Its mission is to carry the corporate identity and community spirit to its employees. They will have to return to the site to meet and meet again. This feedback is necessary, not to accomplish their tasks, which can be carried out from a third place or from home, but to share, exchange and ultimately develop the group.

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