The wife of an actor joins the series with a very important role!

season 4 of virgin river, Coming to Netflix in a few weeks, will book a nice surprise for fans of the series: The Preacher will appear with his new wife… who is none other than his real-life wife.

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season 4 of Virgin River will come out On Wednesday, July 20, as announced by Netflix on instagram. After the cliffhanger in Season 3, which surprised everyone, including Martin Henderson, it’s time to find Mel, Jack, Brady, Preacher, Paige, Doc and Hope. And it was precisely with this distribution that fans of the series made a discovery that pleased them most. In the circle of photos posted on the Instagram account of virgin river, They were able to see the face of Julia, the new wife of the character of the preacher, raised by Colin Lawrence … and most experts realized that this person was interpreted by Lucia Walters, the actor’s wife in real life.

Colin Lawrence bakes season 4… with his wife

In 1997, Lucia Walters and Colin Lawrence met on the set of the movie crime of abandonment (unmarried father, in VO) worn by Brian Austin Green. Married for more than twenty years, they have two daughters. employment Instagram shared shotTogether, we see Julia and Preacher sharing a toast to the sun on a possible date. “How about a toast to Virgin River Season 4, which comes out July 20 on Netflix?”Colin Lawrence wrote in the caption. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for fans to respond with their heartfelt messages, and the husband and wife duo spotted on screen.

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The Preacher In A Relationship With His Real Wife Season 4: “It’s Hard To Wait”

“I am impatient, and how wonderful it is to work with your true partner!” , For example the user commented. “So excited to see the preacher meet someone else, and that the other person is Lucia Walters.”Someone else’s enthusiasm. It’s so hard to wait! A fan shouted. This is just the best news! “. or: “I’ve always been waiting for this news!”. It remains to be seen whether or not their complicity will cause the screen to explode. Chances are!

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