The White House is alarmed by the military alliance between Moscow and Tehran

(WASHINGTON) The White House on Friday issued a stern warning against “large-scale military partnerships” and deepening ties between Moscow and Tehran, while announcing new sanctions against Russia.

While Iran is already supplying the Russian military with drones used in Ukraine, John Kirby, a spokesman for the US administration’s National Security Council, pointed out that in return, Russia has “provided an unprecedented level of military and technical support to Iran”. Their relationship is a full security partnership. »

He added that the development would be “harmful” to Ukraine, Iran’s neighbors and the “international community”, announcing similar sanctions against three Russian companies in particular active in the acquisition and proliferation of Iranian drones.

According to US intelligence, Moscow and Tehran are planning to start joint production of “killer” drones, specifically in Russia, John Kirby said, without giving further details on the project’s progress.

Photo by Patrick Semansky, Associated Press

US Executive National Security Council spokesman John Kirby

The spokesman recalled that Iran was considering selling “hundreds” of ballistic missiles to Russia, information that the Americans had already made public.

“Help goes both ways,” John Kirby said.

According to the US, Moscow is indeed preparing to supply Iran with “sophisticated” equipment, helicopters, anti-aircraft defense systems and fighter jets, the spokesman said.

fighter plane

John Kirby, who reported that Iranian pilots had begun training in Russia on SU-35s, Russian fighter jets, said Iran could receive the planes next year, which would “significantly increase” Tehran’s aviation capabilities.

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British Ambassador to the United Nations, Barbara Woodward, issued a statement of accusations against Iran and Russia. “Russia denies it [l’existence de] These projects. But they also denied that they were going to invade Ukraine, so we don’t trust them,” he said.

The British Foreign Office, for its part, condemned the “sloppy dealings” between Moscow and Tehran.

“We’re asking Iran to change course,” John Kirby said of both the proposed missile sale and the joint drone production line.

“We will use all means at our disposal to expose and disrupt these activities, and we are prepared to do more,” the spokesman said.

Regarding the new sanctions announced Friday against Russia, the US State Department clarified that it has targeted three companies in Iran for buying drones, transporting them and training Russians, particularly in Ukraine, in “large-scale attacks on civilian infrastructure”. .

This is the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS), 924e According to a statement, the State Center for Unmanned Aviation and Military Transport Command (VTA).

According to John Kirby, the US is also considering “other export control measures” that would “restrict Iran’s access to sensitive technologies”.

According to him, the United States is considering “other export control measures” to “limit Iran’s access to sensitive technologies.”

New UN in Ukraine The US and UK accusations come hours before a Security Council meeting, centered on the issue of arms supplies to both sides.

At an earlier meeting on Tuesday, Russia’s UN ambassador Vasily Nebenzia said he had “evidence” that weapons given to Ukraine by the West were ending up elsewhere, including in the hands of “terrorists” in Europe, the Middle East or Africa.

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