“The Wheel, Le Cercle des 7” presented by Arthur is coming to TF1!

Between general knowledge, mood and challenge, your new show perpetuates the tradition of great primetime game nights TF1.

Get ready to live beautiful moments of laughter and emotions by following the path of the unknown candidates who have come to try their luck at wheel, circle 7.
At the center of a giant moving wheel with a diameter of 12 meters, the candidate takes his place and must answer questions of general culture. Besides him, there are 7 celebrities who are experts in their field whose mission is to help the unknown candidate earn as much money as possible. In each round, 3 of them compete for a place in the final with the hope of winning tens of thousands of euros. To qualify, you will have to validate 7 topics by correctly answering general culture questions. For each question, one of the seven celebrities will be assigned by the caster to assist them. But will coincidence connect the candidate with the celebrity’s expertise on the subject? Be careful, at the slightest mistake, the candidate will have to go back downstairs to make way for another … unless chance brings him back to the big wheel!

Characters from different backgrounds

Julie de BonaAnd Gerard JuguenotAnd Baptiste LecaplinAnd Caroline MargeridonAnd Anne RomanoffAnd Michel SaranAnd somethingAnd Alex VizorekAnd Bernard Weber And many other characters have already lent themselves to the game and jiggle with the candidates, under their watchful eyesArthur-In this new game controls.

This is the first time in my career that I’m doing a format that I don’t produce and believe me, it was worth it! The host told us. I like to try my hand at different things and see pictures WheelI immediately knew this project was for me. We’ve adapted it a bit to find take-it-or-leave-it codes for my way of animation. I had so much fun presenting this game because I was able to recreate what I experienced for years with this program: taking the viewer and the candidate into an emotion that goes from laughter to tears, to create tension… This collection is hypnotic and will get you instantly engrossed in the game. We’ve put anonymous candidates at the center of this program which is great. Even if there are celebrities around, the unknown is the star and I am at his service. The guest board is deliberately very large, and even if you’ll recognize two or three members of my shows, there are ten completely different guests each time. We go from Bernard Weber to Valerie Trierwiller passing by Yves Camdebordy Or Olympic champions. The mechanics are very solid and the decoration is crazy. We had a lot of fun with artists I’ve never had before. It’s great entertainment in which we find the snarkiest spirit I can get “.

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Want to know more? See you on Friday, June 9th at 9:10 p.m. with wheel, circle 7 on TF1 To discover all the secrets of the wheel…

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