The Wayward Realms: The first RPG teaser from former Elder Scrolls developers

It’s been several years since then one time games advanced The Wayward Realms, an open-world role-playing game set in the universe imagination. It must be said that the title is ambitious and the people behind the project are already well known: Ted Peterson and Julian Levi worked on The Elder Scrolls: Arena and Daggerfall, the first two parts of the famous franchise of Bethesda.

Recently, one time games subscriber The Wayward Realms’ First Real Trailer, And It’s Scary To See. While this teaser doesn’t show up often, we can already see some age trappings and rigid animation, bringing us roughly back to the PlayStation 2 and Xbox era. frustrated because The game is very promising on paper, the developers are talking about megacities with hundreds of thousands of NPCsAnd dark forests, giant mountains, vast oceans or even swamps, created in a procedural way. One game master There will be virtual to make characters and factions interact with the player’s actions for a unique adventure with a real side RPG It allows you to play as an aristocrat, thief, seeker or “any role you create”, with the ability to customize their abilities and skills to create spells, potions and magic.

Fingers crossed so that the technology is up to the ambitions, The Wayward Realms has no release date yet, but it is clear that despite this lukewarm humor, it has already caught the eye of virtual gamers. you can find Tales of Tamriel, Book 1 to me 25 euros for Amazon.

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