The Watergate scandal undermined the CIA

It all started on June 17, 1972, four months before the presidential election. Around 1:30 a.m., the men entered the building and were arrested Watergate, in Washington (USA). Once inside, they searched the Democratic Party headquarters and were caught installing microphones there.

This seemingly mundane theft is even more intriguing Bob Woodward and Carl BernsteinTwo journalists The Washington PostBecause the robbers are former agents of the secret services, specifically the CIA, now working for a Republican president Richard Nixon. The next day The Washington Post Indeed, therefore, its first page, but the media coverage does not catch immediately. Richard Nixon, who denies any involvement, was re-elected on November 7, 1972.

But the journalists continue their investigation and end up with a wreck A massive espionage operation, implemented throughout the election campaign. President Richard Nixon ordered dozens of spying operations on his political opponents: Wiretapping, vandalism, people pay to keep the peace. Senior CIA and FBI officials were aware of this and tried to cover up the FBI director’s admission before he resigned. In the corner, Richard Nixon finishes his deposition. He resigned on August 9, 1974, the first time in American history.

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