The Walking Dead: We finally know the origin of the appearance of zombies on Earth (spoilers)

The adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comic book that was first published in 2003, “The Walking Dead” is coming to an end soon. And only now has the origin of the zombie creatures that abound in the series have just been revealed (spoilers beware!).

The revelation did not occur in the main series, which will conclude its eleventh season after more than a decade. But in one spin-off, The Walking Dead: World Beyond. In the final episode of Season 2, viewers find themselves in France and discover the premises of a vital medical facility. On one of the walls you can read the inscription “The dead are born here.” A former scientist who worked at the now-abandoned site returns, hoping to end the pandemic.

“cut it off?” I started it,” says a man whose identity we do not know. Then the latter mentions the existence of two teams of scientists, primrose and violet. And we know that the former went to the United States shortly before the start of the epidemic. So his words suggest that man is the origin of the virus, which was from It may appear in the laboratory.

Some fans have attempted to link this information to statements by Robert Kirkman who, in 2020before turning back, saying it was a “joke”. The idea is that scientists discovered an unknown virus coming from space, and then conducted a search for it without realizing its danger. But this is purely speculation.

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