The Virgin River has been renewed for the fourth and fifth seasons

Get ready to go back to town Virgin River! Information indicates that the broadcasting giant decided to renew the show for a fourth and fifth season. Rest assured: The cliffhanger issue that ends with the third installment of episodes will be resolved in subsequent installments of the show following The Nurse’s Stories. Melinda Munro and a former marine who runs a tavern, Jack Sheridanwho suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

This news comes as information circulated about the start of filming the fourth episode of the series. This is not surprising given the performance Virgin River Within the famous platform, as it became one of the undisputed top songs of Netflix, which is one of the most viewed content in the platform’s catalog.

Two more Virgin Rivers seasons!

Virgin River She has a huge fan base that gives the show plenty of fuel to keep going, smashing viewing records within the streaming giant. Especially after the end of the third season of the series, which left us in intrigue: Who shot Jack? The answer will come in the fourth series of episodes which will surely leave new questions for the next season.

Everything indicates that these two new seasons Virgin River They will not be the end of the road for the series. Although revamps for these features are often associated with the end of the content, we are confident that the success of this program will ensure life after Season 5. It will be necessary to wait!

Meanwhile, the next batch of episodes Virgin River Filming began in September of this year and will end in November. In this way we feel that meeting with Mel and Jack It will happen sooner than expected. when? maybe in Winter 2022. However, these are our guesses and can change based on platform and production decisions. Netflix.

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