“The vaccine contains RNA, the virus contains about fifty”

The doctor does not understand why many people, especially young people, continue to be resistant to the COVID-19 vaccine as the delta type spreads across the world.

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He thinks delta-variable infection should convince people to get vaccinated, because “100% of unvaccinated people will get it,” says Dr. Elie Haddad, chief of pediatric immunology and rheumatology at CHU Sainte-Justine who was interviewed at LCN.

And Dr. Haddad replies to those who are afraid of messenger RNA vaccines, that the virus contains much more RNA than the vaccine.

The vaccine contains RNA which is the virus, while the virus contains about fifty of them RNA. So people who are afraid of the vaccine, because they don’t get vaccinated, will get the virus, and they will get more RNA,” he explains.

He adds that fear of RNA is “meaningless”.

“Fearing RNA in and of itself is meaningless. It doesn’t make sense to be afraid of this RNA either because if we are not vaccinated, we will pick it up due to infection. And when you get it, it is fine in most cases, but in a few cases.” It can have serious forms,” the doctor says.

message to youth

Dr. Haddad is particularly keen to send a message to young people who believe they do not need to be vaccinated because they will not contract severe forms of COVID-19.

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“If we are not vaccinated, we will catch it and when we catch it, you don’t think it is that simple. There are dangerous forms, there are long forms of COVID, there are lung complications that we don’t understand yet, and there will be more and more of them,” he warns.

The doctor at Sainte-Justine Hospital also mentioned that people will have similar symptoms in a reaction to the vaccine as those they would have had in response to the virus.

“People have to stop believing they are invincible and, above all, if the virus does nothing for them, the vaccine will do them no good,” Dr. Haddad says.

herd immunity

If a lot of people are of the opinion that they don’t need to be vaccinated because the county will achieve herd immunity, Dr. Elie Haddad adds a caveat.

“The more contagious the virus, the higher the percentage of patients to achieve herd immunity. With something highly contagious, 95% of people would need to have it. So the more contagious, the more vaccination is necessary, in fact, and we changed the model with this alternative. New,” the doctor notes.

He also says that the more people vaccinated, the less likely new variants will emerge.

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