The vaccination center in Espace Kurdwan is ready

It is scheduled to open on Tuesday, April 6 in the morning and will operate seven days a week from 8 am to 8 pm. It will initially welcome people over their seventies

The last adjustments were made. Everything is ready at Espace Cordouan to receive, from Tuesday 6 April, people who have volunteered to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in the province of Ruyan Region. A cumbersome device to set up but necessary to increase pollination capabilities. The two existing sites where one of them could be vaccinated, the Hospital and Pasteur Clinic, will close their doors Monday evening to collect and focus all the resources on space pollen in Cordoan.

Reception will only be made by appointment by contacting the telephone platform (05 46 39 64 39) created by the Royan Atlantique Agglomeration Community (Cara) or by going to the website Slots have opened and are already available from Tuesday, April 6.

An appointment is mandatory

“We will only take those who have an appointment. People trapped in town in their second home will also be able to come, but we are asking that the doses be given in the same location,” insists Vincent Baroud, KARA’s chief in charge of organizing and planning the vaccination in the district. Vaccine doses have already started arriving from Saintes Hospital.

Currently, between 3,200 and 3,300 injections per week are planned. “We have the majority of Pfizer vaccines,” says Daniel Carrier, a vaccination center coordinator. “We have about 3,000 vaccines from 200 to 300 of our modern times.” An on-site laboratory has been established to manage the inventory.

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Administrative follow-up will be carried out on site.

Image credit: Stephan Durand

The system will consist of general coordinators, five telephone workers, three reception agents and volunteers, two from the Red Cross for post-vaccination monitoring, three secretaries for administrative follow-up, and a medical team. pharmacist. “We will need to change personnel to ensure teams are there seven days a week,” says Danielle Carrier. “If health professionals or other contractors want to join us, there is still room.”

If the need arises, we will open another vaccination center.

Four grafting lines

Therefore, the vaccination center will be open seven days a week from 8 am to 8 pm. The path for each person wanting to be vaccinated will be as follows: reception, checking the appointment, measuring temperature, handing over an envelope to store documents, submitting the vaccination questionnaire, waiting room, collecting fees by the medical staff to inject the vaccine for a quarter of an hour, monitoring and handing over the certificate of the first vaccine.

The Red Cross will ensure post-vaccination monitoring.

Image credit: Stephan Durand

So far, four simultaneous vaccination lines have been installed. “If necessary, we will adapt to the reality on the ground. Everyone takes their marks. We will see how they develop. If we send twice the number of doses of vaccines tomorrow, we will increase our capacity for reception. If the need arises, we will open a second vaccination center,” Vincent Baroud warns.

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