The Uyghur minority in China: Canada complicit in its silence

PRESS RELEASE – During a debate in the House of Commons on February 18 on the genocide in the People’s Republic of China against the Uyghur minority, Montarville member and spokesman for the Quebec Bloc in Foreign Affairs, Stefan Bergeron urged the federal government to stop resorting to “red herring” To avoid acknowledging the obvious and take action to put an end to this unbearable situation.

“At the end of World War II, the world learned with astonishment what happened in the Nazi concentration camps. In the wake of these dramatic events, one of the first – if not the first – agreements to be adopted by the newly established United Nations was the one relating to the prevention and suppression of genocide, which it ratified Canada in 1952, which thus imposes obligations.This convention defines what constitutes genocide and it is sufficient to note only one case for there to be a question of genocide.However, we are talking here about concentration camps, rape, separation of children from their families, forced labor, surveillance and mass sterilization And all the cases mentioned in the agreement, ”Mr. Bergeron stated.

“The foreign minister claims that the facts are not sufficiently documented and that, on the one hand, the People’s Republic of China should allow an independent international mission to go there to document the allegations of genocide, and on the other hand, that Canada and its partners around the world share the information they have successively for this purpose. Here again, this argument does not hold, because both the European Union and the United States, not to mention a number of international organizations, do not hesitate to talk about genocide. In fact, in our opinion, the minister knows very well what is going on and is therefore guilty of the complicity of During my silence, “the Montarville member added.

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“Nevertheless, colleagues from all parties, including liberals, have acknowledged in a parliamentary committee that China has indeed committed genocide against its Uyghur population, and others have also signed an open letter entitled” Games of Shame “demanding the International Olympic Committee. By moving the Winter Games to the year 2022 to be held in the Chinese capital, if the People’s Republic of China continues its delirium. Genocide. What is the minister waiting for to finally tell the truth about what he knows about what is happening in China and finally echo the position adopted by his colleagues?

“What did we learn from the experience of World War II?” Despite the agreement adopted by the United Nations, we witnessed the genocide in Rwanda with closed eyes. Despite this agreement, we witnessed the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina with eyes closed. Will we witness another genocide again. With our eyes closed, we interact after the fact and tell ourselves how bad it was? We can see it, time to act! Stefan Bergeron concludes.

Source: Office of the Member of Parliament for Montarville

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