The US, Japan and South Korea want to improve information sharing about North Korean missiles

The three countries announced the move in a joint press release, days after North Korea’s (failed) launch of a spy satellite.

Via Le Figaro with AFP


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On Wednesday, North Korea announced a “Military spy satellite“But this”Damaged at sea“. KCNA/REUTERS

The United States, Japan and South Korea announced on Saturday that they would share information about North Korea’s missile strikes by the end of the year, according to a statement issued after their defense ministers’ meeting in Singapore. Three partsAgreed on tripartite efforts to implement an information sharing mechanism to exchange real-time data“for that”Improves each country’s ability to detect and assess launched missilesby North Korea, the statement said.

The announcement follows Pyongyang’s announcement Military satellite launches halted. On Wednesday, North Korea announced a “Military spy satellite“But this”Damaged at seaAccording to North Korean state news agency KCNA. The South Korean military later released images of the wreckage of the satellite and its missile, which it said had been recovered from the Yellow Sea.

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Seoul, Tokyo, Washington and Paris condemned Wednesday’s launch, saying it violated UN resolutions banning Pyongyang from testing using ballistic missile technology similar to that used to launch satellites.

Since escalating tensions with its neighbors in 2019, North Korea has stepped up its military development and declared itself a nuclear power.irreversible“.

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