The US Congress has ordered an inquiry into the assassination of the Haitian president

The U.S. Congress has ordered the opening of an investigation into the July 2021 assassination of Haitian President Jovanel Moyes, which lasted several gray areas.

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The law, passed by the Senate on Thursday night, gives the State Department three months to prepare a report that is said to provide a “detailed explanation” of the circumstances surrounding the assassination.

The report should also examine whether there was any interference in the official investigation into the assassination of the President and whether any of its perpetrators may have been hired by the US government in the past.

Earlier this month, a former Colombian soldier was indicted on July 7, 2021, for allegedly being part of a group of about twenty people who killed Jovnell Moyes at the Presidential Palace in Port-au-Prince and severely injured his wife. United States.

As part of the investigation, more than 40 people have already been arrested, including fifteen Colombians and Americans of Haitian descent.

But there are many questions about the motives behind the massacre, which has plunged the Caribbean nation into further uncertainty, plagued by poverty, insecurity and corruption.

“We are very concerned about whether the unstable and corrupt Haitian government will allow or condone human rights abuses,” said Senator Ben Gardin, one of the law’s editors, in a statement Friday.

The law also calls for an investigation into a massacre that took place in the Port-au-Prince, La Salin slum in 2018, in which dozens of people died.

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