The US ambassador expressed his country’s readiness to support Tunisia

A / Tunisia / Malik Jomni

The Ambassador of the United States of America to Tunisia, Joey Hood, expressed, on Tuesday, during his meeting with the Minister of Social Affairs, Malek Zahi, his country’s readiness to support Tunisia and to reconsider the conditions for accepting his file before. The International Monetary Fund, according to a press release issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs carried by the Tunis Africa Press Agency (TAP / official).

The US ambassador indicated that the statement of the President of the Republic, Kais Saied, on this issue was clear, expressing his consideration of any vision based on the desire to rely on the country’s own resources, according to a national and independent economic project. Respects international partners.

Hood emphasized the strong and secular relations existing between Tunisia and the United States, noting that Tunisia is an effective partner and enjoys a privileged position in its country, according to the press release.

For his part, the Minister of Social Affairs affirmed that Tunisia is ready to carry out comprehensive reforms, according to an approach that is directed towards preserving the rights of vulnerable groups and those with limited incomes and respecting social justice, in accordance with the directives of the state. President of the Republic.

And to value the solid relations based on mutual respect between Tunisia and the United States, and to review the main cooperation programs between the two countries in the social field, especially with regard to investment in human capital through the social service funded by the American Agency. for international development.

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Al-Zahi also talked about the importance of coordination in the social field within the framework of a joint program, citing various investment sectors such as the agricultural sector, tourism, mining and renewable energies.

On the other hand, the Minister of Social Affairs indicated that his ministry is working to achieve a global strategy for migration in cooperation with the National Observatory for Migration and all concerned parties, to deal with this phenomenon, according to a humanitarian vision that preserves social peace. In Tunisia we read from the same source.

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