The unofficial (and ironic) anthem for Team England, narrated by its creators

“Three Lions (She’s Coming Home)” is a favorite of English fans. Created 25 years ago, this unofficial anthem tells of all the disappointing hopes of fans since the last cup in 1966.

England fans at Wembley Stadium, during the match against Croatia, June 13, 2021 © Radio France / Frank Augstein

The song appears constantly in England matches. Especially at Wembley of course. After the historic victory over Germany in the round of 16, Fans sang it at the top of their voice. In the stadium but also in the metro, bars … all over the country. This famous phrase is inevitable on match days.

This song was written in 1996, and it is clear that it is not the first in honor of the national team. Obviously it wasn’t the first poem in the national selection but it does explode with what it says. ““We’re going to win, we’re going to win,” all of the previous fan chants said, and we knew that wasn’t going to happen,” Laughs comedian David Badel who wrote the lyrics. “I grew up in the ’70s. I support England and always end up getting frustrated every time. So our song is sad, actually.”

What this passage describes perfectly:

“Everyone seems to know the outcome / They have seen it all / They only know / They are very sure / England will fail it / They will spoil it …”

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_“I grew up watching England matches and actually watching them fail.”_And the Sorret David Badel. “That’s the heart of the song, that disappointment.“It is, after all, the song of the supporters around the world, those who hold an unshakable faith even if they haven’t performed their favorite songs. Those who sing but deep down know their dear ones fail.”It’s very English as an approach,” says the author. Both irony and melancholy.

England have not won anything since the 1966 World Cup: 55 years without a title. But supporters still believed in him despite the disappointments. A state of mind that all team fans can find themselves in.

A song about dreams and feelings, says composer Ian Brody, leader of The Lightning Seeds. “Quand on dit ‘She’s coming home [ça revient à la maison]We are talking about the return of football to the country that invented it. This is clearly not arrogant. It is an invitation, a desire. Too many songs work when you win, but too few when you’re competitive, anxious. When you don’t know if you’ll win it yet.”

This Wednesday, as England play the semi-finals against Denmark, the Three Lions will find themselves in the top three on Spotify in the UK, that’s for sure. We’ll hear it at Wembley, one more thing for sure. And if England loses, it will be gone tomorrow. A classic operation here, known for 25 years now.

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