The United States will be able to achieve joint immunity this summer

AIn the United States, the vaccine is in full swing. President Joe Biden recently promised that there would be enough vaccines for every adult in the country by the end of May. And, according to CNN, If health officials continue to vaccinate nearly two million Americans a day – this is the current rate – the herds’ immunity could be reached by mid-September. We should also take into account the natural immunity acquired by individuals who have already contracted Govit-19 in previous months.

But what is joint immunity? It is a stage in an infection like the corona virus, where a certain percentage of the population is protected against the disease, which helps to stop its progression. In the United States, health experts, including Anthony Fucci, a renowned immunologist and White House adviser on the health crisis, estimate that 70 to 85% of people need to be vaccinated for a cure.

70% of Americans vaccinated by July?

In fact, 70% can be achieved sooner than expected. Because these estimates were made with current data, it only takes into account the distribution and administration of double doses of Pfizer and Modern vaccines. Except that Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine is approved.

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According to CNN, in the vaccine arsenal of Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, the United States is expected to reach 70% immunity by the end of July, and then by 85% by mid-September.

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