The United States wants to trade with Greenland

The Trump era is definitely over. The United States wants to strengthen its relationship with Greenland, especially commercially. Former President Donald Trump. “I am in Greenland because the United States values ​​our partnership and wants to strengthen it,” said Anthony Blinken during the final leg of his Arctic tour.

Last year, the United States reopened an embassy in the small Greenland capital, Nouakchott, and released $ 12 million in aid to public projects. Speaking of “extra funding,” Anthony Blingen was vague on the new US plans, while the local government of New Greenland put forward the idea of ​​a free trade agreement earlier this week.

“We talked about this today and want to strengthen our trade relationship,” the US Secretary of State said in a press conference with the new Prime Minister of Greenland, Mute Ekde. Asked if the United States had categorically rejected any plans to buy back Greenland, Mr. Blinken replied casually with a smile: “I can confirm this is correct”.

Donald Trump’s proposal in 2019 was described by the Danish government as “absurd”, which provoked a diplomatic misstep, but simulated – albeit caricatured – new American aspirations in the Arctic. After returning from an Arctic Council in Iceland and making his first stop in Denmark, Mr. Blinken’s quick arrival was read as a sign of a desire to soften things and a renewed interest.

Ekde, the young Greenland prime minister who came to power in April, told Washington, “I hope this decade will be the beginning of a new era in the relationship.” The government of the elected left has formed an alliance with Nalerok, a small independent party that supports good relations with the United States, including Greenland Foreign Minister Pele Proberk.

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