The United States tightens sanctions on Iran and warns UAE banks against dealing with Tehran

On Thursday, the US State Department announced that the Joe Biden administration is preparing to tighten sanctions against Iran after an inconclusive resumption of talks in Vienna.

The news agency reported that a high-ranking US delegation will visit the UAE next week to warn banks that deal with Tehran and do not abide by the sanctions. Reuters.

according to The Wall Street JournalThe delegation will also meet with petrochemical companies and other private companies working with billions of dollars with Tehran.

The delegation is expected to include the head of the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, Andrea Jacki.

The United States could also send delegations to several other countries to ramp up economic pressure on Iran if no progress is made in the talks, according to the report. The Wall Street Journal.

A foreign ministry spokesman said Reuters That the United States had evidence of non-compliance from various agencies and that there could be sanctions or penalties.

There was no immediate comment from the UAE on this matter.

Iran’s nuclear negotiations resumed Thursday noon in Vienna, the latest efforts to salvage the 2015 international accord after initial meetings last week ended in deadlock.

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