The United States, the European Union and more than 100 countries have pledged to reduce methane emissions

More than 100 countries have signed a pledge to reduce emissions of this highly polluting gas by 30%, the second largest contribution after greenhouse effects. CO2. Joe Biden’s United States, which is part of it, has announced a series of strong measures to control these releases.

The United States, the European Union and more than 100 countries represent half of the world’s methane emissions: Tuesday, November 2, in Glasgow, COP26 officially declared the global commitment to methane, a strong commitment to climate change. US State Department.

This is greenhouse gas “Oil and gas extraction is released into livestock and land, and can heat the atmosphere 80 times faster than carbon dioxide in a short period of time,” he said. Remember The New York Times.

In addition, the United States, one of the planet’s largest polluters, has taken concrete steps to reduce its emissions.

“President Joe Biden, the one who talked about ‘Dedication to transforming the game’For the first time, the Environmental Protection Agency has announced plans to control methane emissions from existing oil and gas wells in the United States. ” The New York newspaper explains.

New, more comprehensive rules

The U.S. federal government has in the past enacted regulations to prevent methane emissions from wells after 2015. New York Times, But the Trump administration suppressed them. President Biden wants to restore and strengthen these rules, but


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