The United States snatches its place in the America’s Cup semi-finals

While the EuroBasket takes place in Germany, the countries of the American continent are competing for the America’s Cup. A competition where the United States, the Olympic champions, sent a team made up of players primarily playing in Europe or in minor leagues.

Such is the case of Norris Cole, the champion of the evening for Americans. Two-time NBA champion with Heat LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, but also Israel champion with Maccabi Tel Aviv and French champion with Asvel, the American leader has experience in big games and decisive action, and he proved it again on Thursday by saving the United States against Puerto Rico.

USA – Argentina in the semi-finals

In a thrilling end to the match, Team USA’s goalkeeper scored the winning basket in the last second to send the Americans into the semi-finals. The Puerto Ricans thought they made it to the semi-finals by six seconds, but Cole’s sight made the difference. Winner 85-84 in the quarter-finals, the United States will face Argentina in the Americas Cup semi-finals.

During the defeat from four matches, the Argentines rose above the competition by 20 points per game, and beat Venezuela by 23 points (76-53). In the other semi-final match, winners Canada, Mexico, will face host country Brazil.

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