The United States removes restrictions on international travel

For people who have been vaccinated, the restrictions imposed on international travel since March 2020 and their maintenance have annoyed their partners, the Europeans at the forefront.

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In eighteen months, the “travel ban” has caused countless painful personal and family situations, now separated by hundreds of thousands of people.

In addition to showing evidence of the Govt-19 vaccine, travelers must be tested three days before leaving for the United States and must wear a mask, the epidemic coordinator told White House Jeff Giants at a news conference describing the protocol.

A traveler tracking system will be set up by the airlines to collect information that will help them get in touch.

The announcement comes at a time of great tension between France and the United States over the sale of the submarine, but Jeff Sciences, without commenting on a possible diplomatic motive, insisted that the decision was “commanded by science”.

Washington removes restrictions on travelers from the European Union, the United Kingdom or China from March 2020 and then applies to India or Brazil.

But the White House did not immediately specify which vaccines would be allowed to enter American soil.

This is far from a description: many Britons and Europeans have been vaccinated with the Astrogenega vaccine, which is not only approved by Pfizer / Bioendech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson (Johnson) in the United States.

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The Chinese, like the Russians, have developed their own serum.

Twenty months

According to Jeff Giants, the White House wanted to set up a cohesive global system based on “individuals” and not on differences of treatment depending on country of birth.

Although President Donald Trump initially closed the borders for thirty days, the restrictions will last a total of about twenty months.

Especially in European countries, where vaccinated Americans have reopened their borders and are irritated by this mutual shortage.

On Monday, the US decision was hastily welcomed by Germany and the United Kingdom.

“Good news – for German and European investment, for our exports and for the entire Atlantic relationship,” German Deputy Finance Minister Olaf Scholes said on Twitter.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary Liz Druz tweeted, “Good news for travelers from the UK to the United States. This is important for our economic recovery, our families and our business.”

The decision, which allows for family reunions and has been hailed by many Internet users under the slogan #LoveIsNotTourism (“not romantic tourism”) has also delighted airlines.

The European Airlines Association for Europe tweeted its satisfaction, saying it “appreciates” the announcement, which “provides much-needed impetus for Atlantic travel.”

Jeff Giants also clarified that Americans who are not vaccinated on their return to the United States after staying abroad will still face stricter testing duties.

They should be tested during the day before their return, not within three days, and again after arriving on American soil.

The White House has tightened its tone in recent weeks in the face of opposition to the vaccine in the country and has increased the number of announcements to impose it, or at least strongly encourage it, on federal authorities where there is a way out.

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However, it has not yet made one of the most drastic decisions in its power to vaccinate domestic aircraft in the United States.

The lifting of the restrictions announced on Monday does not apply to US land borders with Canada and Mexico, which are closed to “non-essential” travel except for US citizens.

Giants said the restrictions, which are extended monthly, will be in effect until at least October 21.

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