The United States must not “destabilize” the authorities in Kabul

The Taliban’s foreign minister said Saturday in Doha that the Taliban urged the United States not to “destabilize” its government in Kabul, during the first direct talks between the Americans and the Taliban since Washington withdrew from Afghanistan.

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“We told them clearly that trying to destabilize the government in Afghanistan is not good for anyone,” Amir Khan Mottaki told Afghan news agency Bakhtar.

“Good relations with Afghanistan benefit everyone. Nothing should be done to weaken the current government in Afghanistan, which could cause problems for the people,” he said in a recorded statement translated by AFP.

These statements come in the first two days of talks between the Taliban and a US delegation in Qatar led by Deputy Special Representative of the US State Department Tom West and the head of the US Agency for International Development Sarah Charles.

The United States has not yet commented on the Taliban minister’s comments.

The Taliban seized power in August in Afghanistan with the withdrawal of the United States from the country in disarray after 20 years of occupation.

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