The United States joins the Paris call for cybersecurity

US Vice President Kamala Harris has said the United States will join Call of Paris For trust and security in cyberspace, the agreement, which brings together more than 80 countries, local communities and technology companies, aims to improve cyber security and “protect open, functional, secure and reliable Internet”.

The announcement was part of Ms Harris’ diplomatic visit to Paris, where she met with French President Emmanuel Macron. Discuss the series questions.

Macron was behind the creation of this initiative in 2018, and has long sought to include the United States. But the administration of former President Donald Trump refused to join, criticizing China and Russia for not being there.

In a statement, the White House said, “The United States looks forward to continuing partnerships with France and other governments, the private sector and civil society around the world to improve and enhance the quality of responsible behavior in cyberspace.

This includes working with like-minded countries to teach and hold states responsible for destructive, destructive and destructive cyber-attacks.

“The United States interprets Paris’ appeal in line with existing national and international obligations and obligations, including our emphasis on human rights, freedom of expression and privacy. Includes G7 mobilization and recent ransomware involvement with more than 30 countries around the world International cooperation in the fight against cybercrime.

The Paris Call is made up of nine principles, including the protection of individuals and infrastructure, the protection of the Internet, the protection of electoral processes, the protection of intellectual property, the prevention of malware, the protection of the life cycle, and the health of information technology. , Prohibit private actors from using “hack packs” (responses to computer attacks) and international standards of “responsible behavior”.

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This initiative has already led to some changes in Europe and South America, which have made it possible to strengthen cyber security measures around emergency telephone systems, protect domain name systems, and set up security plans.

Before Ms Harris left for Paris, two senior congressional officials – Robert Menendez, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Greg Meaks, chairman of the House of Representatives on Foreign Affairs – Sent a letter Paris urges the United States to join the appeal.

“Given the recent rise of ransomware and other cyber attacks against the United States, our allies and allies, the work of the Cyber ​​Security Council is essential. Cyber ​​security is an economic and national security essential, and requires full and lasting US involvement with a wide range of partners facing this challenge.” They wrote.

“In particular, the private sector is playing an increasingly important role, especially the Paris Peace Forum and its Paris appeal for trust and security in cyberspace. We welcome your commitment to engage with our partners and partners, the private sector and other key stakeholders in the Paris Peace Forum.”

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