The United States is still in the lead, and the Blues are in the top five

Axel Allag, Media365, Posted on Monday, March 27, 2023 at 12:45 pm.

3 months after the last release of the FIFA Rankings, the teams at the top of the standings have not seen any changes with the United States at the top. While France is now ranked 5th 4 months into the 2023 World Cup, Australia’s progress is welcome, as they managed to join the top 10.

The United States is still on top. In the new FIFA rankings, which were revealed on Friday, the USA – who won their sixth Shebelieves Cup – are in first place with 2,091 points. If this case is confirmed, quite a few major changes will be highlighted in key places. Ainsi, on constate qu’après leur match nul en amical le 21 février dernier (0-0) l’Allemagne and la Suède ont su se maintenir sur le podium avec une 2ème place for the premiere selection city and the dernière marche du podium for the second. Buoyed by the momentum of their success in the Arnold Clarke Cup, England are nowhere near the top three and ahead of the French team, who are still in fifth after their success in the Tournoi de France.

Australia rebounded with good momentum ahead of the World Cup

In the rest of the ranking, we note that Canada, Spain, the Netherlands and Brazil remain in the top ten while Australia joins them. Thanks to the success of the Nations Cup, Australia has climbed two places in the standings and can look forward to great things in the next World Cup that they co-organise with New Zealand. As a reminder, Matilda was placed in Group B along with Canada, Nigeria and Ireland. Ahead of the next edition of the FIFA Rankings, scheduled for 9 June, the best lead in terms of points is attributed to Panama, which has 42 points and occupies 52nd place. Cape Verde (133rd) and Saudi Arabia (171st) are newcomers to the ranking.

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Top 10 FIFA Rankings

1-United States
5- France
6- Canada
9- Brazil
10- Australia

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