The United States is pushing officials to break the election deadlock


The United States urges the Somali leadership to end the current electoral process and ensure that it is credible. Although the Senate election is over, the parliamentary election continues to be delayed. As for the opposition, which condemns the fraud, it has decided to boycott the process. However, the two chambers meet for the election of a new president, which is expected to last almost a year.

With our correspondent in the region, Florence Morris

Elections organized in a timely manner and accepted by all are important for the future of Somalia “: The news, broadcast on Wednesday, December 15, came from the US Embassy in Mogadishu and addressed the country’s regional presidents, who are responsible for organizing the election of future delegates.

For now, however, only two regions have begun the process: Kalmuduk and Southwest. On Monday, the federal election enforcement agency raised the tone and gave those arriving late 48 hours to start. In the process, Jubaland officials promised to comply.

But at this point it has already been confirmed Dated December 24th, Which was recently set up for the presidential election and has already been postponed several times cannot be respected. Why such restrictions? ” That is politics Analyst Omar Mahmoud, an expert in Somalia at ICG, responds. ” All the actors responsible for the process act according to their personal interests », He explains.

And these delays added Opposition boycott, Accuses President Formajo of using fraud and corruption to select his relatives and threatens not to recognize the results of the referendum. In the southwest, the federal body canceled the election of two deputies for irregularities and ordered local officials to vote again. Without follow-up, for now.

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