The United States is overrun with the arrival of Mexican underage immigrants


Facing the arrival of thousands of young immigrants across the U.S. border, Joe Biden has come under attack from both the Republican Party and the Democrats. Since he became president, minorities have no longer been deported on the Mexican side. Humanitarian associations abound.

Donna’s camp in Texas, home to many Mexican orphans, has become a symbol of the immigration crisis in the United States.

Since the inauguration of Joe Biden, minorities have no longer been deported to Mexico for humanitarian reasons. The effect of this new policy: numbers are rising. In one month, more than 10,000 teenagers and undocumented children were registered at the border. Joe Biden was accused by Republicans of causing this massive attendance.

Immigration Aid Associations face the arrival of minors. New migration rules allow children to be placed with foster families or homes after 72 hours, but are unable to meet the deadline.

“Re-create” the migration system that Donald Trump removed

“We are evicting families, we are evicting single adults,” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Myorgas insisted Sunday, urging him to repeat the news on four U.S. channels. “The border is closed,” he insisted.

As the first Hispanic head of U.S. immigration policy, he acknowledged that the historic arrival of immigrants in mid-March, the largest in 20 years, is expected on the U.S.-Mexico border.

But he is firing on his initial plea that Central American immigrants should not come to the United States “right now” in order to allow time for the Biden administration to “rebuild” the migration system. “Removed” by former President Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump responded by saying, “All they have to do is have a system that works best on the automated pilot.” “Instead, in a matter of weeks, the Biden administration turned a national victory into a national catastrophe,” he said in a statement.

Joe Biden’s attraction to more “human” policy

Democrats elected from Mexico’s border state of Texas also denigrated the government’s message.

Many immigrants were interviewed after their arrival, somewhat motivated by the promise of Joe Biden’s “humanitarian” policy.

Joe Biden also expressed his desire to cross the Mexican border on Sunday, and pointed out that his government was emphasizing his message by asking immigrants not to try to reach the United States.

Beyond the arrival of immigrants, the fate of isolated children is at the center of the controversy.

Joe Biden has vowed to destroy “a moral and national disgrace” inherited from his predecessor, namely the separation of thousands of immigrant families, some of whom have not yet been reunited.

But if children are no longer separated from their parents, the United States faces the arrival of unsupported minorities and struggles to explain how it wants to care for them.

“We have decided not to expel vulnerable young children,” Alejandro Myorgas reaffirmed Sunday on the CNN channel.

The minister did not deny the number of 5,200 children currently detained at adult centers on the border, which is above the peak recorded under President Trump. More than 600 of them have been there for more than ten days, although the law only allows their transport for a maximum of three days.

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“We are working day and night to move these children from these centers on the border to shelters managed by the Ministry of Health,” Alejandro Myorgas reiterated, reiterating that the Trump administration had inherited a system that had been “destroyed.” “We set up three new centers last week,” he acknowledged, adding that “we are developing our plan, it will take time, it will be difficult,” without giving further details about this “plan” or engaging in a schedule.

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