The United States is halving its isolation due to rising pollution

Hundreds of flights continue to be canceled, reducing US isolation time

The United States on Tuesday halved the period of isolation of people suffering from Covit-19 and asymptomatic people to prevent the effects of pollution-induced pollution in Germany, especially airborne ones.

About 11,500 flights have been canceled since Friday and tens of thousands of flights have been postponed to the end of the year, with air connections generally bustling during this period. Many companies explain these coincidences by the contagion of the Omicron variant among groups.

According to flight surveillance site FlightAware, around 3,000 planes were affected worldwide, with about 3,000 flights canceled on Monday and 1,100 on Tuesday, December 28.

Due to the new restrictions, the epidemic is causing rare circumstances such as Delta Airlines’ decision last week to divert air flights to Seattle and Shanghai in the northwestern United States. Health facilities are needed at the airport, the US agency explained on Monday. It has also received criticism from Chinese authorities.

Reduction “justified by science”

Health officials have authorized the reduction of the isolation period from ten to five days for positive individuals if they are asymptomatic so that more people can return to work early and avoid the possibility of disruptions and shortages. They are advised to wear the mask for five days after isolation.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), America’s leading healthcare organization, said in a statement that the change was “scientifically justified” and that most infections occur within two days. After the symptoms appear.

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The isolation period for non-vaccinated contact cases is reduced from 14 to 5 days, with the same advice to wear a mask. According to these recommendations, fully vaccinated contact cases do not need to be self-isolated.

Omigron, which is more contagious but causes less severe symptoms, is now prevalent in the United States. With more than 800,000 deaths, the number of cases in the world’s most distressed country is rising sharply.

On Monday morning, President Joe Biden acknowledged that some hospitals across the country were “overstaffed” in terms of equipment and staff, but called on Americans not to panic.

In France, Prime Minister Jean Costex announced on Monday that new isolation rules for patients and their interactions would be set by the government “by the weekend” once consultations with scientific bodies were completed.

“It would be a question of varying these durations and putting less pressure on vaccinated individuals again,” he said. It has implemented new measures (teleworking, measurements for large crowds) in response to rising pollution, crossing the 100,000 new daily mark on Saturday for the first time in France.

Limited contacts in Germany

On the German side, the restrictions announced on December 21 will come into effect on Tuesday, especially among those who have been vaccinated, with a maximum of ten guests allowed to attend New Year’s celebrations. – Vaccine, limit a maximum of two guests, then mentioned the new Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

In China, preparing for the Winter Olympics (February 4 to 20) and using the “zero Govt strategy” since last year, the city of Xi’an in the north has promised to impose “drastic” measures. , After the screening of several hundred Govt cases. With the right to go out to refuel once every three days from Thursday, city dwellers are forced to stay home.

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The Kovit-19 epidemic has killed at least 5,398,049 people worldwide since the WHO office in China announced the outbreak in the country by the end of December 2019, according to a report drawn up Monday from official sources. The World Health Organization estimates that the actual number may be two to three times higher.

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