The United States is easy, Canada is short-headed

The Americans choked the “Belgium Cats” with their aggressive defense at the start of each period: 12-0 in the first, they finished by nearly 10 points (48-39), then 12-2 in the second to take. Comfortable progression (60-41) to manage the end of the game quietly.

The result of this defense: 25 stray bullets to Belgian Emma Meissmann (4 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists) who was hit inside by the firepower of American captain Brenna Stewart (22 points, 4 rebounds) and Alyssa Thomas (14 points, 7 rebounds, 9 points).

On Friday, “Team USA” faces Puerto Rico, winner of Bosnia and Herzegovina (82-58), thanks to its American leader, who has just obtained citizenship, Ariella Guerantes (26 points, 9 rebounds and 8 points).

Still in Group A, China made a short run for South Korea (107-44), with five players in over 10 points and none in over 14. Special mention to pivot 2.08m Han Shuo (15 rebounds, 13. points).

Canada with a short head

In Group B, Canada will face France on Friday after they, like Les Bleues, won their first match against Serbia (67-60) in an important qualifying match.

The Canadians were able to count on their inside Kayla Alexander (13 points and 7 rebounds), while the Serbs lost a lot of balls (19 points to 20 on the counterattack).

Japan also had success after easily beating Mali (89-56), once again relying on its three-point skill (43%), particularly that of leader Nanako Todo (4/4).

Thursday results:

Group A

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Puerto Rico 58-82

United States – Belgium 87-72

South Korea – China 44-107

group b

Canada – Serbia 67-60

Japan – Mali 89-56

Australia – France 57-70

Friday program (in French)

Group A

(02h30) Puerto Rico – United States

(05:00) Belgium – South Korea

(06:30) China – Bosnia and Herzegovina

group b

(04:00) Serbia – Japan

(10:00) France – Canada

(12:30 pm) Mali – Australia

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