The United States is “deeply concerned” by Moscow’s “tolerance” of free speech

The United States said Saturday.Deep concern“by”Growing intoleranceOn the sixth anniversary of the assassination of Boris Nemtsov, one of Vladimir Putin’s leading opponents of freedom of expression. “Defenders of their freedoms and democracy in Russia continue to be the target of attacks and assassinations. The Russian people are the best”, In a statement condemning the head of US diplomacy, Anthony Blingen.

Boris Nemtsov, who played a key role against Vladimir Putin and was deputy prime minister under President Boris Yeltsin, was shot dead on February 27, 2015, at close range by four bullets on a bridge near the Kremlin.

He told Washington, “He dedicated his life to building an independent and democratic Russia. «We are deeply concerned about the growing intolerance of the Russian government to any independent expression.», The US Secretary of State responded.

Several thousand Russians gathered in central Moscow on Saturday in memory of Boris Nemtsov. The rally comes as the Kremlin’s main rival, Alexei Navalny, has been transferred to a penal colony, where he faces up to two-and-a-half years in prison in a fraud case in which he denounces political motives.

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