The United States is concerned about sending “Russian mercenaries” to Mali

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US Ambassador to the United Nations, shared this.Serious anxietyIn a statement received on Tuesday, Pamago officials said they were debating whether to place Wagner, a sulfur-based Russian private security group, in Mali. “I expressed our deep concern that Russian mercenaries could be stationed in Mali, and that this would further endanger peace and security in the region and the wider Sahel.», He announced after an interview with Nigerian President Mohamed Basou.

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Linda Thomas-Greenfield visited the UN in Bamako on Saturday and Sunday. Was part of the Security Council. Military supremacists have been under pressure to re-establish civilian power in the country after two coups in nine months. The delegation then proceeded to neighboring Niger. Review “Russian mercenaries“, Guilty of her”Human rights violations against civilians“US Ambassador Assesses Their Presence”Will worsen the current security situation.

The Wagner group, which denies any involvement with Russian officials, provides maintenance services for military equipment and training, but France in particular has been accused of being paid from the resources of host countries and serving the Kremlin’s interests. Wagner’s paramilitary forces are reported to be stationed in several African countries, especially in the Central African Republic and Libya and Syria. Many European countries, led by France and Germany, have warned that the deal between Bamako and Wagner could call into question their military presence in Mali.

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