The United States is betting on solar energy



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Powering 40% of the US with Solar Power: A Crazy Goal Joe Biden Wants to Achieve. But still, the country is working on it, especially in Texas.

Americans see it as large and can be seen in Texas in the southern United States. There is one of the largest solar power plants in the country, which houses nearly 1.7 million solar panels over its entire area. “We produce electricity to power 37,000 homes.”says Barry Matchett, director of external affairs for Clearway Energy. President Joe Biden has set himself a very impressive goal: to supply the United States with 40% of solar energy within 15 years. A scenario that seems possible according to Barry Matchett.

To achieve Joe Biden’s goal, nearly 50 solar power plants similar to those run by Barry Matchett must be built. An easy task in certain states of the country, such as Arizona, but promises to be much more complex where the population is more dense, such as New York. The East Coast lacks land on land, but in New Jersey, the panels have been moved through water, in order to float and collect solar energy without affecting underwater life.

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