The United States is as rogue as China

The majority of Canadians welcomed with satisfaction Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor come home.

Circumstances quickly put China under Xi Jinping on the sidelines. For our citizens, Mao’s country is now classified as rogue.

The term implies a state that does not respect international law, supports attacks, or systematically violates the most basic human rights.

It has long been known about China, but trade diluted the surplus. The arrests of the Canadians unleashed indignation and raised questions about our diplomatic and economic relations with them.

Since more than half of our trade is with the United States, analysts are instead encouraging the consolidation of our economic exchanges with our southern neighbour.

In short, it will be a question of choosing the most profitable thug for Canadian companies. Such a choice does not protect against undue American pressure.


Aversion to the Chinese regime and its abuses is legitimate. However, the importance of our trade with the United States should not blind us.

The United States is as rogue as China.

The treatment of black and Latino populations, arbitrary arrests, interference with the behavior of other countries, Guantanamo, relations with some dictatorships, and unwavering support for Israel, despite UN resolutions, are just a few examples.

One thing is for sure, that violations of one should not prevent us from seeing violations of the other.


In the absence of the ability to live in self-sufficiency, Canada, and by extension Quebec, would have an interest in increasing the number of trading partners while improving domestic production.

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Great powers have no heart, they have geostrategic interests that do not care about human rights and the law.

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