The United States favors a solution between the Haitian parties and rejects any notion of interference

The United States announces its readiness to help Haiti break the deadlock. However, considering the latter as a sovereign state, they say they have no intention of interfering in the city’s internal affairs. Preferably they would encourage any Haitian initiative likely to put the country on a path of progress and sustainable development, as the Chargé d’Affairs for Haiti, Kenneth H. Merten, said during Friday’s meeting with Haitian journalists.

Port-au-Prince, November 6, 2021. – It is clear that Kenneth Merten is saddened to note the deteriorating social and political situation in the country. During this meeting, the Chargé d’Affairs at the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince wants to be optimistic. He pointed to the resilience, courage and determination of the Haitian people as evidence of that.

Merten said the United States would encourage any initiative aimed at resolving the Haitian crisis. “We’re listening to the representatives, we’re talking to everyone to be well informed of the situation so we can explain to Washington what can be done to get things done,” he said. But the American diplomat says he fears one thing: that the United States will not be accused of meddling.
We do not want to be accused of interference. That is why we want to encourage all actors to fight together to ensure the progress of the country,” insisted Mr. Merten, who said he wanted an agreement between Haitians and Haitians.

Furthermore, Ambassador Merten announced Assistant Secretary of State Todd Robinson’s visit to Haiti from November 8-10.
Mertin added that during his stay in the country, Robinson will meet with Haitian officials to discuss security in Haiti.

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