The United States can send troops back to Somalia


According to the American press, the Pentagon is considering sending dozens of special forces troops to fight Islamic Sheba terrorists. A decision to reverse the sudden arrival of 700 U.S. soldiers permanently staying in Somalia, until former President Trump decides on the total devaluation he carried out in January.

With our correspondent in Nairobi, Sebastian Nameth

As for counter-terrorism, Joe Biden seems to want to break with Donald Trump. Upon his arrival, the new US president ordered a full review of the engagement rules. In the meantime, White House approval must be obtained for any bombings.

Thus, there have been no drone strikes in Somalia since January 20, when records were reached under Donald Trump. Judgment criticized by experts who believe the Shephos have regained the movement to carry out attacks.

The Americans then trained elite Somali troops. ” Ordered to be withdrawn by previous administration The National Army has created a security problem because it cannot fight the Islamists », Says one observer. He adds that there are about 12,000 soldiers in the country instead of the planned 22,000, and that due to material shortages the government could not plan itself out of the capital.

The return of American troops to Somalia will free up power and foreign partners. According to an ambassador, this will help counter Chinese and Russian influence efforts and more. ” If the United States withdraws for a long time, we will withdraw traditional donors such as the European Union »Indicates a good source. We are now waiting to see what the new American counter-terrorism policy will look like. However, the election requested by Joe Biden, which will last 60 days, is still going on five months later.

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