The United States calls for more electoral transparency in Haiti

The United States on Monday expressed its regret at the lack of transparency regarding the preparations for the constitutional referendum in Haiti requested by President Juvenile Moise, and expressed its “deep concern” over the “political impasse” on the Caribbean island.

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The American mission to the United Nations insisted that “Haiti should organize free, fair and transparent legislative and presidential elections in 2021,” shortly after the US ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas Greenfield, met with Mr. Moise in Quito, on the sidelines of the inauguration of the new president For Ecuador.

The US mission to the United Nations added in a statement that “preparations for the referendum on the constitution scheduled for June 27 have not been sufficiently transparent or comprehensive yet.”

Since January 2020, the Haitian president has governed by decrees and without checks and balances, because elections have not been held in recent years in Haiti. But according to M.I Thomas Greenfield, Mr Moïse is committed to organizing elections in 2021.

The US ambassador also expressed her “deep concern about the current political deadlock in Haiti, the lack of accountability for human rights violations, and the deteriorating security situation,” according to her spokeswoman Olivia Dalton.

Gangs’ grip on Haitian soil has increased in recent months and has been manifested on a daily basis by the escalation of kidnappings for ransom, affecting the wealthy minority and the population living below the poverty line.

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Jimmy Schrizer, one of the country’s main gang leaders, has been the subject of a search warrant for more than two years, but he regularly posts videos and photos on social networks, from the neighborhood he controls, in the heart of the capital.

This former police officer, nicknamed “barbecue”, is said to be implicated in numerous murders and arson committed since November 2017 in poor neighborhoods known for their support for political opposition.

The organization of the referendum raises criticism even in the camp of Juvenil Moss, because the procedure chosen does not appear to respect the provisions of the current constitution.

The main diplomatic player in Haiti, the United States refused to support the draft of this referendum, insisting, on the contrary, on the necessity of holding elections in the short term to restore democratic order.

The European Union also indicated that it would not finance the organization of the June 27 referendum, considering that the process is not transparent and democratic enough.

The text, written in 1987, after the fall of Duvalier’s dictatorship, states that “any popular consultation aimed at amending the constitution by referendum is officially prohibited.”

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