The United States and the United Kingdom warn their nationals who are in France

Washington and London advise their subjects to avoid assembly areas.

American and British diplomats warned their subjects about the riots in France, which took place after Nahil, 17, was shot dead by a policeman in Nanterre.

in Travel tipsBritain’s Foreign Office confirmed on Friday that riots had broken out since June 27 “all over France” with the risk of transport disruption and the possibility of local curfews being imposed.

The British Foreign Office wrote: “The places and times of riots are unpredictable.”

Avoid gatherings

The authorities are urging Britons to “follow the media”, “avoid areas experiencing riots” and “follow the authorities’ recommendations”.

The United States issued a similar message on Thursday The location of their embassy in France. “It is expected that these protests will continue and may turn violent,” she said. US citizens are urged to “avoid mass gatherings and areas of heavy police activity.”

It also recommends that the US authorities follow the orders of the police and authorities and follow the development of events in the media.

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