The United Kingdom will organize a new flight to evacuate its citizens

The United Kingdom is organizing a new evacuation of its citizens residing in Sudan, which is facing its third week of conflict in Khartoum and Darfur, in the west of the country. An additional evacuation flight from Port Sudan will depart on Monday.The British Foreign Office said in a statement on Sunday. Accordingly, the British, who wish to leave the country urgently, are invited to head to Port Sudan International Airport, in the east of the country, on Monday. Citing the document, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly also reported that personnel were immediately mobilized to assist Britons who wished to leave the country by sea.

More than 2,000 Britons have left Sudan

So far, the ministry said, 2,122 British citizens and their families have been evacuated from the state, thanks to flights set up since Tuesday, departing from Khartoum North Airport.

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On Saturday evening, the last chartered evacuation plane took off. Downing Street said the number of people traveling to the airport had fallen. In addition, the bloody fighting in and around Khartoum puts people in great danger.

Speaking to Radio Times on Sunday, the Sudanese ChargĂ© d’Affairs to the UK, Khaled Mohamed Ali Hassan, said his country “ready to help” London to implement new evacuations.

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Downing Street criticized

The UK government has come under fire for its handling of the evacuations. London was initially blamed for taking longer than other countries to begin evacuations and also drew heavy criticism for refusing to board Sudanese doctors working for Britain’s Public Health Service (NHS).

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In a statement on Sunday, the department defended the possibility of evacuating foreign nationals working for the NHS. Speaking to Sky News, Transport Secretary Mark Harper welcomed ‘Very successful evacuation effort’ From the united kingdom, before you pledge that the government will remain a “ongoing support” to its citizens who are still present in Sudan.

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