The United Kingdom is transforming itself

On Tuesday, March 16, the United Kingdom struck the spirits by announcing its decision to significantly increase the ceiling on its nuclear weapons. The selection was heavily criticized in Moscow and Tehran as part of a resumption of the arms race. It takes the opposite view of a global campaign – in which the Vatican plays an active role – resulting in the recent entry into the 52-state nuclear non-proliferation treaty. From an ethical point of view, the British decision is shocking because these weapons represent a threat of destruction to all human beings.

P expansion. The UK is redefining its strategic priorities

The gap, endorsed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, also raises concerns about what the world is saying about how it works. The document establishing the new strategic policy of the United Kingdom is the culmination of a response that connects the country’s highest sectors of security, security, development and foreign affairs. Their diagnosis is clear: international relations are strained between major powers; Democracies are on the defensive; The international system for controlling tensions is obsolete. Moreover, throughout Europe, countries, including Germany, are being reorganized.

The United Kingdom, which has made the choice to leave the EU, now considers itself a “global” power, turning to Asia, but not being isolated in any way. He wants the United States to be the best European ally within NATO and to pursue closer military and strategic cooperation with France. After a long adjournment, London returns the properties of a force it wants to count. At the same time contributing to the general renewal of tensions.

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