The United Kingdom is in mourning for Elizabeth, and now King Charles is in London

(ANSA) – London September 09. With the remains of Elizabeth II remaining in the family privacy of the Scottish Balmoral residence, the United Kingdom wakes up in grief and shock, having been orphaned 70 years after the late Queen, who turned 96 yesterday. From the early hours of the morning people intent on honoring him continue to flock in abundance towards the symbolic places of the monarchy, beginning at the gates of Buckingham Palace; Meanwhile, the image of the king dominates the media and many public or recreational activities are suspended. The main scene returns to London today as Charles is expected to arrive as the new king, with the Queen’s new wife Camilla at his side. He is expected to be Charles III. Prime Minister Liz Truss – described by Elizabeth three days earlier as the last faithful act of the Covenant – receives and televises the country in the evening. It is also up to him to approve the final program of the memorial, which will be presented to him later in the day by the Chief of Ceremonies in the Court, the Duke of Norfolk. The details relate to a government-sanctioned 12-day national mourning period, during which Elizabeth’s coffin will be laid for popular veneration in the Palace of Westminster (as it has for the past 20 years of her mother, the Queen Mother, who died in 2002 at the age of over 100) and that the funeral service at The twelfth day will take place at Westminster Abbey. Starting today, across the country, national flags with the Union Jack badge at half mast will fly, along with the bells of St Paul’s Cathedral (where the afternoon will also see a first service commemorating the King in front of heads of government, politicians and various agencies) only to disappear Later as in Westminster, Windsor Castle and elsewhere, accompanied by the echo of 96 artillery shells fired from Hyde Park. The official announcement of Carlos is expected tomorrow, with an oath of allegiance to the deputies. While the deadlines for consecration are getting longer: in a few months, after the mourning phase. (palm).

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