The United Kingdom imposes sanctions on six Burmese junta officials

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On Thursday, the United Kingdom announced new sanctions against six Burmese junta officials, including Army Commander-in-Chief Min Aung Hling, for their role in the military coup in early February. These officials join the 19 others who were already punished for serious human rights violations when the British government last week punished three generals, including the Minister of Defense and the Home Minister of Myanmar.

With our correspondent in London, Morel Delcroix

The sanctions announced by London became effective immediately and imply that the six high-ranking military personnel are now prohibited from remaining in the UK and will not be able to deal with British companies.

But London does not stop there: the Department of International Trade will thus ensure that no British company does business with companies that belong to the Burmese junta. At the same time, the government specifies that “ Any aid that could be used indirectly to support the army has been suspended ” And the “ London has taken measures to ensure aid reaches the poorest and most vulnerable people in Burma ».

In a statement accompanying these sanctions, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said that this package of measures has been sent, ” A clear message to the Burmese military regime: Responsible for Human rights violations The authorities will be held accountable and must Re-force The Burmese people, who support the United Kingdom and its international allies, have a right to democracy and freedom of expression ».

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