The United Kingdom has granted permanent residency status to 4.3 million EU citizens

Michael Cove, the minister in charge of British cabinet co-ordination, announced that 4.3 million EU citizens had been granted permanent residency status, “showing that this did not lead to a greater exodus of Brexit citizens than the population of some states in the EU camp.”

Following the 2016 Brexit referendum, some employers and universities have warned that they will see the expulsion of UK experts and that EU citizens will return to their home countries.

Citizens of the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland, and their families who have lived in the country before 31 December 2020, can apply for permanent residency status to continue living in the United Kingdom after 30 June 2021.

“There have been 4.9 million applications and 4.3 million (permanent residency) status, so the UK has more EU citizens than some member states – which is great,” Michael Covey said in a statement. In front of a parliamentary committee. “It simply came to our notice then that a large number of people had chosen to stay in the United Kingdom.

According to Cowen, “this proves the absurdity of the absurdity that Brexit (when voted on) said that the United Kingdom has somehow become less attractive and that EU citizens will leave, or that it will harm universities and our medical profession.” .

According to EU demographics, there are more EU citizens in the United Kingdom than in some member states, such as Slovenia, Malta, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Cyprus, Croatia and Estonia. British official data shows that EU citizens continue to travel to the United Kingdom, according to AerPress.

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