The United Kingdom has expelled three Chinese spies who infiltrated the country under the guise of journalists

Three Chinese spies were found and expelled from the UK without being publicly declared foreign journalists. The expulsion came in the wake of the recent deterioration of relations between the two countries over media issues. Defender.

The British intelligence service MI5 concluded that all three men had worked for the Chinese Foreign Ministry and had been shut down with the help of the Chinese news agencies where they were officially working.

British government sources confirmed that all three had been asked to leave the country immediately, but some details came to light during the event. Britain wanted to remain silent on the case in order to avoid a diplomatic incident.

British intelligence continues to warn of China’s espionage efforts, and as a result of London’s silence, it is not possible to determine at what level the Chinese intelligence network actually exists in the Kingdom.

Press card, the old spy trick that China wants

The covert use of a journalist’s identity is rooted in espionage practices and is one of Beijing’s preferred methods for obtaining political or economic information from around the world.

Last year, Belgian intelligence services, along with British companies, launched an investigation into allegations against British businessman Fraser Cameron, who had previously collaborated with MI6, and allegedly leaked information about the EU to spies. . Cameron denies the allegations.

While some reports suggest that the Islamic terrorist threat is declining, MI5 is under political pressure to turn its attention to China.

Author: Adrian Dumitru

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