The UK’s grave mistakes in managing the epidemic

Yesterday, the British Parliament published a report on the government’s handling of the health crisis. Since this summer, the country has eliminated nearly all barrier gestures such as turning away and wearing masks.

The UK has recorded nearly 138,000 deaths

The report’s authors point to one of the biggest public health failures in the country’s history: gross errors and a certain capacity in the face of the development of Covid-19, having recorded nearly 138,000 deaths. Parliamentarians concluded that thousands of deaths could have been avoided if the government had taken faster action. These mistakes were made from the start even though the UK was one of the first countries to develop a Covid test in January 2020. The country wasted its lead.

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Thus the government preferred a slow and gradual approach in order to achieve herd immunity while the epidemic was spreading dramatically. A decision on containment was not finally made until 23 March 2020, more than two months after the first meeting of the British Scientific Council. Among other mistakes noted: the decision not to examine elderly people who left the hospital before returning to the retirement home. Finally, some measures appear to have been adopted without scientific basis, such as banning outdoor sports activities for children.

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