The UK was shocked by the “spy police” scandal

Investigation – Since the late 1960s, about 140 “secret agents” belonging to a specialized police unit have infiltrated dozens of political or militant groups and established long-standing personal and emotional relationships with some of their members. These revelations continued to erupt in Scotland Yard.

Reporter in London

This life, false and sweet, could have gone on for a long time without an accidental discovery. “Happy Holidays”. In July 2010, Lisa Jones traveled to the Italian Alps in a mini-van with environmental activist Mark Stone. One good morning, as she searches for her sunglasses in her glove box, her hand meets the cover of a British passport. Inside, next to the unknown name, is a photo of the man of his heart: Mark Kennedy. On her cell phone, she receives emails calling her boyfriend from two children “Dad”. “I remember the mountains spinning around me, the world moving away”, Said the young woman.

The next few months were the most traumatic in Lisa’s life. She struggles with crushing questions, wondering where the lie started and if there is any truth in their six-year history. Yes,

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