The UK wants to attract Nobel Prizes and Oscar-winning actors

The British government will make it easier to issue work visas to award-winning scientists, artists or musicians starting Wednesday, May 5th.

Winners of Nobel Prizes, the Touring Prize for computer scientists, the Grammys, the Oscars or the Golden Globes will be able to live and work in the United Kingdom with this reform introduced by the Home Office.

Winners of some prizes in the fields of dance, fashion, architecture and social sciences are also interested. Their procedures for obtaining a work visa will be simplified and expedited.

New “points” immigration system

This applies to a new immigration system “Dotted” It was set up by the government after Brexit and it aims to attract “The best [talents] According to the skills they can bring to the country rather than their nationality ”, The Interior Ministry said in a statement.

“The winners of these awards are at the peak of their careers and they have a lot to offer the UKHome Minister Priti Patel was quoted in the statement as saying. These important changes will give them the freedom to come and work in our professions that excel in the arts, sciences, music and film. “

Control of immigration, especially from the poorer countries of the European Union, was one of the main themes of the Brexit referendum campaign in 2016. 1 toThere is January, EU workers no longer enjoy full freedom of movement in the UK but are treated like non-EU citizens.

The new points system supports bright brains at the expense of less skilled workers. To obtain a visa, skills, knowledge of English and financial resources are taken into account.

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