The UK reiterates its desire for a “constructive relationship” with the EU, urging it to “speed up” negotiations.

Paris: December 21 ( –

Britain reiterated on Tuesday that it wanted a “constructive relationship” with the EU 27, but warned that its position had not “changed”, while urging it to “expedite” negotiations on issues pending after Brexit until next year. Will have to proceed again.

Moroz Shefkovic, Britain’s foreign secretary and head of the European Commission for Relations with the United Kingdom, who is in charge of negotiations with the EU, said in a telephone interview on Tuesday that “the best questions are about Europe.”

In that sense, it is possible the UK is looking for a relationship “based on the shared beliefs of trade and freedom and democracy”, but that “resolving current issues is important to open up that potential”.

“England’s position has not changed. Goods are needed to move freely between Britain and Northern Ireland. , According to a report shared by London.

In this context, he called for “accelerating the pace of negotiations in the new year” because his preference was to “consistently reach an integrated solution”. However, Truss warned that “if that does not happen”, “the UK is ready to implement Section 16 guarantees to address the real problems facing Northern Ireland and to secure the Belfast Agreement in all its dimensions.”

Truss has been at the forefront of negotiations with the EU since the departure of his predecessor, David Trust. His visit will help “resume” negotiations with Brussels, which has been plagued by scandals in recent months. This Tuesday is his first contact with the EU since he was appointed to the post.

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Brussels and London have already been in intense contact for several weeks, trying to maintain the code of conduct for Northern Ireland, both of which agreed in the context of Brexit, but the British government now refuses to apply, saying its honor is complex and high. Cost for businesses and citizens. Other issues open to both sides, such as Gibraltar, remain open.

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