The UK is pushing for import restrictions by 2022

Boris Johnson’s government has decided to postpone the gradual implementation of restrictions on products from the European Union.

UK postpones January 2022 Restrictions entry into force Imports of goods from the European Union, One of the steps out of the 1,255-page agreement.

Government of Boris Johnson Announcing its decision in a statement on Thursday, he explained that he wants to allow companies to focus on post-epidemic recovery. He postpones So the six-month deadline Compared to the table initially installed.

“This new timeline will give businesses more time to prepare for border changes.”

British Government

Many companies were nervous about realizing Brexit. This is why the government initially chose Gradual implementation of controls. The purpose is to run these companies s’adapter au fur And in accordance with the barriers created by Brexit.

More time to prepare

The new calendar says it all Restrictions on live animals, plants and plant products that provide low health risk, Will not come into effect Than 1There is Mars 2022. “These new schedules will allow companies to take advantage of more time to prepare for border changes,” the government said in a statement.

Importing into British soil is the sole responsibility of the United Kingdom. This is unlike checks for goods from Northern Ireland, which originated in Great Britain.

The report also underscores the volume of cargo that returned to “normal” levels between the United Kingdom and the European Union in early February.

The European Union exports to the UK

1 toThere is January 2021, all required customs regulations and procedures By social law (Especially the Union Customs Code) applies.

This includes Entry and exit summary notices, This applies to all goods entering the EU Customs Boundary from the United Kingdom or leaving customs territory to the United Kingdom.

Goods must meet the same requirements as those exported from the EU to other third countries, for example China (source:

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